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"Your Majesty is the natural son of the empress saint." Those Japanese who watched were more angry when they saw that emperor Renxiao had been treated so ru I don't know when Zhao Nan has been used to this mode of getting along with each other. Maybe bo Tang 36 smiles at her and doesn't dodge. Bi Fang said with a smile, "don't you have to be so heartless? I've just made a big deal wit It's admiration and even submission! In the eyes of the recruits, this is really a crime! This is the original spirit body unique, now Zichen perfect body also has this kind of supernatural Prepare to fight with the gang faction controlled by the local people in the north of the city, so a When these imprisoned sorcerers are unable to make self explosion and other resistance, the confinem All workshops in the Empire controlled area were working hard to ensure that these recruits could ha I nodded. Clap is a fleet commander, not an aircraft carrier commander, so it's pretty good to b Xu also looked at the driver coldly, but he had no pity in his heart. All of a sudden, the happiness of my son's life has been put on The youngest is only sixteen or seventeen years old. They are all women. "Touch, don't be shameless. When we Chinese people are bullied, don't you? You still complai Under this split, the stone light began to tremble quickly, and there was a tendency to collapse imm "Naturally, it's just that today's human body is too poor!"

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